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Concordia Textiles

Flanders Fieldweg 37
B-8790 Waregem
+32(0)56 62 73 73


Concordia Textiles encompasses different subsiduaries with each their specialty. This strategic composition enables us to offer you the right textiles solution for your developments.

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HQ Concordia Textiles 

Flanders Fieldweg 37
8790 Waregem, Belgium
+32(0)56 62 73 73

Founded in 1925 Concordia Textiles has almost a century of expertise in textile manufacturing and finishing. As a completely vertical integrated textile manufacturer, we control the entire production flow, from sizing and warp beaming over weaving, dyeing, printing, finishing, coating and laminating fabrics. Concordia Textiles develops and produces textile solutions for selected professional markets. To ensure dedicated research and development together with high quality service, our organisation is divided into 4 Business Units: WorkwearFashionBedding and Innovative Applications.

Estambril International

Rambla 207, 1ª planta
08202 Sabadell, Barcelona, Spain
+34 93 747 60 10

For more than 60 years, Estambril International has been developing high-quality textiles from Nomex® brand fibres. Today the product range of woven and knitted inherent flame resistant fabrics and our knitted garments, are a first choice for industrial and utility workers, firefighters and military professionals who rely on their personal protective equipment to keep them safe.

Fuchshuber Techno-Tex

Wilhelmstr. 160-164
72805 Lichtenstein, Germany
+497 12 96 91 50

Fuchshuber Techno-Tex is the reference in the German market for technical knits for high end personal protective wear. The company is specialized in technical knits and is an established value in Central Europe. Fuchshuber Techno-Tex operates as an independent entity with headquarters in Lichtenstein and a production facility in Balingen.

Concordia Bounding

Mirer Bazar, Kamar Gao
Gazipur Sadar-1700, Gazipur, Bangladesh
+880 1723-213070

Concordia Bounding Ltd (CBL) is an export-oriented footwear accessories (waterproof & non-water- proof lining for shoe booties or gaskets) manufacturing industry. It is the only specialist in Bangladesh with this offer.

Concordia Advanced Fabrics

12, Linjiang Road, Weiting 
Suzhou Industrial Park, 215121 Suzhou, China
Tel: 86-512-6732 5120 

Concordia Advanced Fabrics is located in China (Suzhou). In this state of the art production facility weaving and dyeing is managed and fabrics are finished, coated and laminated. Concordia Advances Fabrics offers fabrics for fashion and sportswear. With a vertically integrated structure going as far as including garment service.

Concordia Pacific Garments 

Jazor Bazar, National University
Gazipur Sadar-1704, Gazipur, Bangladesh

+880 1714-395434

For premium fashion customers Concordia Textile also offers garment manufacturing in Suzhou (China) and in Dhaka (Bangladesh). Our garment manufacturing services are specialized in down and padded jackets as well as seam taped functional jackets. Concordia Pacific Garments Limited is BSCI accredited.

HQ Purfi Manufacturing

Flanders Fieldweg 37
8790 Waregem, Belgium
+32 56 62 73 73

With Purfi we're rejuvenating textile waste into raw materials as a response to the global waste challenge. By rejuvenating waste to virgin quality fibers, it is suited to reuse in a variety of products and industries.