Renewable Energy

We are always motivating industries to decrease their ecological footprint and consider innovative approaches by providing advanced solutions. With our custom-made solutions, we want industries to adopt sustainable practices and minimize their negative impact on the environment.

Wind Turbine Blades for a Net Zero Future

Advanced Textile Development

Developing one of the most resilient advanced textiles for the next generation of wind turbine blades by protecting them from severe weather conditions. Not only does it offer a more practical maintenance, but the fabric also provides a longer lifespan for the blades, making it a sustainable solution for the renewable energies industry.

Impact of Textile Complex on Wind Turbine Blades





modular DESIGN


The blades are 24% lighter than conventional blades of the same length, meaning the model with textile can be 10% longer than the conventional standard length blade.


The blade is made with an "assembly of sub-systems" approach, contributing to a modular manufacturing process.


Using our fabric as an outer shell for the blade elongates its lifespan because this shell can easily be cut and patched to perform internal repairs with little to no aerodynamic impact from the external repair.

sustainable APPROACH


The assembly of sub-systems allows an easier dismantling process at end of life, making this a more recyclable blade.


Sustainable Manufacturing

A slimmer internal structure, the modular system, and the use of textiles allow a more sustainable manner of manufacturing. Smaller tools, smaller factories, less consumables and less energy is needed to produce these blades.

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